PULSAR requires POSIX Threads (a.k.a. Pthreads) and the Message Passing Interface (MPI). To build the PULSAR runtime (PRT) go to the prt/ directory and follow the steps:

  1. Modify the make.inc file to reflect your system’s configuration.

    1. Change the value of CC to use a different compiler than GCC.

    2. Change the valued of CFLAGS to use different compilation flags.

    3. Set the value of MPI to the location of the MPI library. (The makefile expects to find mpi.h in $(MPI)/include/)

  2. type make.

Make compiles all source files in the prt/ directory and creates the libprt.a library. Include the prt/prt.h file in your source code and link it with prt/libprt.h. Visit the PULSAR User Forum for help with the installation process: http://icl.eecs.utk.edu/pulsar/ → User Forum → Installation