action — Commands that can be run after a package has been installed.


Once a package has been installed there may be some commands that a user will be able to run. ReST calls these commands "actions" and allows them to be run in the Installer immediately after an installation or by the Explorer at any time after the package has been installed.


  • name (required) - How the action should be known

  • tooltip (required) - This will appear as a tooltip in the ReST applications

  • id (optional) - A unique id for this action within the package. This is only needed if there are dependencies between actions.

  • depends (optional) - A comma-separated list of action ids on which this action depends.


The following elements are valid parents of action: actions.


The following elements are children of action: command.


Example 9. Action Example

<action name="Start Server" tooltip="Start a server.">
  <command value="/bin/bash ./" statusmsg="Starting Server"
            errormsg="Failed to start server."/>