Chapter 1. ReST Package Basics

Table of Contents

The Package Structure
The Package XML

Although used primarily by the ReST Installer, ReST packages are the means by which the ReST Application Suite is customized for individual pieces of software. The ReST package contains the software and metadata needed by the Installer to install software on remote machines. The package metadata is used by the Installer and Explorer to maintain the state of installed software and in future versions of ReST it will contain information needed to customize the Monitor to work with the installed packages. In order to produce a well-written package it is important to understand what is contained in the package and what conventions are expected by the ReST Suite.

The Package Structure

A ReST package is essentially a ZIP/JAR file containing two special files, a package XML file and a checksum file. The package XML file, name package.xml inside the package, contains both basic metadata about the package and instructions on how to install the package from source or pre-compiled binaries. The checksum file, at this time must be created by the ReSTPackager program contains checksums of each file within the package and is must pass before the Installer will run the package. Details about the package sources are not necessary, since they could be any file that is pertenant to the software being installed. Details about writing the package XML, including documentation of each XML tag, and creating the package file appear later in this document.