Chapter 2. Writing the package XML

Table of Contents

Writing the XML
The Header
The 6 Steps
Command Options
Configuration Files

Future versions of the ReST suite may contain a graphical application for creating package XML files, but at the current time the file must be written by hand. For this reason it is crucial for the packager to gain an understanding of the package XML file to create a working package. Package XML files can be written in any text editor so long as they obey the rules defined for ReST XML. A definition of each XML tag is given in the reference sections at the end of this document.


The planning step is the most important part in successfully creating a working package. Before writing the XML create a step-by-step list of how the software is installed. If possible, walk through the installation in a clean /bin/bash environment, since this will more realistically reflect the environment in which ReST will install the software. Once this list has been written, place a mark next to each command that would not need to be run on every machine in an homogeneous environment with a shared filesystem. Now note command options that should be offered for each command, for example ./configure --with-foo. Try installing the software by walking through this list one command at a time; if it works without problem then fewer problems are likely to occur when the package is written.