checksumuri — Give the uri to a file that contains the checksum for this package.


When a package is created with the ReST packager a checksum is printed, which can be placed in a file on a webspace. This element points to such a file to give the ReST application the ability to verify the package before using it. This behavior is optional. ReST packages already contain checksums of the files contained, which are verified when a package is used; package checksums are in addition to this behavior. At the current time checksumuri is not supported, but will be added to future versions of ReST.


  • forcechecksum - If set to true, ReST applications will not accept a package that does to match the given checksum. If set to false, the application will simply warn that the checksum does not match. If forcechecksum does not appear, false is assumed.


The following elements are valid parents of chucksumuri: header.


The following elements are children of chucksumuri: No Children.