command — Run a command on the remote system.


The command tag declares a single command to be run on the remote system. By default this command is run in a /bin/bash environment and commands should be written with this in mind. A command contains 0 or more option tags, allowing the command to be configured from the ReST application's GUI.


  • value (required) - The command to be run.

  • shell (optional) - The shell in which to run the command. At this time shell is not supported, but support will be added in future versions of ReST.

  • required (optional) - If the user should be given the option to not run this command, required should be set to false. If required is not given, the command will be run.

  • grouped (optional) - If running the command on one machine in a given logical group is sufficient, set grouped="true", if grouped is not given or grouped="false" the command will be run on every machine in the logical group.

  • id (optional) - A unique id given to this command, which is used if command dependencies exist. Dependencies are not supported at this time.

  • depends (optional) - A comma-separated list of ids on which this command depends. Dependencies are not supported at this time.

  • errormsg (optional) - A short message that should be displayed as the status of a given location if the command fails.

  • statusmsg (optional) - A short message that will be displayed as the status of a given location as it runs a command.

  • description (optional) - A description of the command, used to help users understand the commands as they are configured.

  • forceConfigure (optional) - By default command options are only configured in Advanced Mode for a given ReST application. However, if a given command must be configured, set forceConfigure="true".


The following elements are valid parents of command: action, compilation, completion, configuration, installation, preparation, uninstallation.


The following elements are children of command: option.


Example 11. Command Example

<command value="make" grouped="true">
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="standard" name="Standard" enabled="true"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="all" name="All"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="server" name="Server"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="agent" name="Agent"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="C" name="C"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="Fortran" name="Fortran"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="matlab" name="Matlab"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="octave" name="Octave"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="mathematica" name="Mathematica"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="gridrpc" name="GridRPC"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="pdfgui" name="PDF Gui"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="tools" name="Tools"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="wrappers" name="Wrappers"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="tester"  name="Tester"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="regress" name="Regression Test Suite"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="clean" name="Clean"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="configclean" name="Configclean"/>
  <option type="boolean" truevalue="CLEAN" name="Clean every architecture"/>