header — Provide basic metadata about the package.


This item contains the package metadata.


The following elements are valid parents of header: package.


The following elements are children of header: action, actions, checksumuri, configfile, description, explorerattributes, info, infouri, license, licenseuri, monitorattributes, name, packagedir, packager, packagesrc, patch, predefs, title, packager, packager.


Example 14. Package Header Example

    <title>NetSolve Installer</title>
    <description>NetSolve is a grid middleware package</description>

    <!-- Basic information about the packager -->
      <name>Jeff M. Larkin</name>
      <action name="Start Server" tooltip="Start a NetSolve server.">
        <command value="/bin/bash ./" statusmsg="Starting Server"
                 errormsg="Failed to start server."/>
      <action name="Kill Server" tooltip="Kill a NetSolve server.">
        <command value="/bin/bash ./" statusmsg="Killing Server"
                 errormsg="Failed to kill server."/>

    <configfile packagefile="server_config" 
                description="NetSolve Server Configuration File">
      <sub name="nproc" description="Number of processors"
           default="2" type="string"/>
      <sub name="agent" description="The NetSolve Agent hostname"
           default="" type="string"/>
      <sub name="scratch" description="Scratch Directory"
           default="/tmp/" type="string"/>
      <sub name="mpihosts" description="Number of MPI Hosts"
           default="4" type="string"/>
      <sub name="workloadmax" description="Maximum allowable workload"
           default="-1" type="string"/>
    <!-- Package source(s). We can do both remote and local files  -->