ReST Installer User's Guide

An introduction to the ReST Installer.

Jeff M Larkin

Innovative Computing Laboratory, UT

Eric T Meek

Innovative Computing Laboratory, UT
Revision History
Revision 1.03/11/2005
Initial Document Release.


This document is written as a basic introduction to using the ReST Installer. No prior knowledge of the ReST Installer is needed.

Table of Contents

ReST Installer Introduction
Basic Usage
Setup Locations
Setup Logical Groups
Setup Actions
Setup Authentication
The Installation
Advanced Topics
Setup File Substitutions
Configuring Command Options
Saving an Install Script

ReST Installer Introduction

For consumer software installation, Installation "Wizards" have become the de-facto standard; but in a distributed computing environment, such a luxury is almost nonexistent. Software installation in a distributed environment often require a user to login to numerous machines and perform roughly the same tasks on each. Further compounding the problem, most source distributed software installation requires both a lengthy and confusing configuration, compilation, and installation process. The ReST Installer provides a familiar, wizard-like interface to source and binary distributed software that can be used to install software in a heterogeneous environment easily and automatically. At the core of the ReST Installer is the ReST package model. By defining the structure of the ReSI software packages, the ReST package model provides software maintainers a way to define their software's requirements and options so that they can be presented to a user in a simplified manner, shifting the burden of software installation from the user to the software provider. Generic instructions on installing software with the ReST Installer are contained in the sections below. Developers interested in using ReST to distribute their software should instead read the ReST Package Maker's Guide.