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dependency_s Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct quark_task_stask
void * address
int size
quark_direction_t direction
bool locality
bool accumulator
int data_region
bool gatherv
struct address_set_node_saddress_set_node_ptr
bool ready

Detailed Description

Definition at line 183 of file quark.c.

Field Documentation

bool dependency_s::accumulator

Definition at line 189 of file quark.c.

void* dependency_s::address

Definition at line 185 of file quark.c.

struct address_set_node_s* dependency_s::address_set_node_ptr

Definition at line 192 of file quark.c.

icl_list_t* dependency_s::address_set_waiting_deps_node_ptr

Definition at line 193 of file quark.c.

int dependency_s::data_region

Definition at line 190 of file quark.c.

quark_direction_t dependency_s::direction

Definition at line 187 of file quark.c.

bool dependency_s::gatherv

Definition at line 191 of file quark.c.

bool dependency_s::locality

Definition at line 188 of file quark.c.

bool dependency_s::ready

Definition at line 196 of file quark.c.

int dependency_s::size

Definition at line 186 of file quark.c.

struct quark_task_s* dependency_s::task

Definition at line 184 of file quark.c.

icl_list_t* dependency_s::task_args_list_node_ptr

Definition at line 194 of file quark.c.

icl_list_t* dependency_s::task_dependency_list_node_ptr

Definition at line 195 of file quark.c.

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