ReST - Remote Software Toolkit

The Remote Software Toolkit (ReST) was originally conceived as a solution to installing, maintaining and monitoring large grid software environments. Inherent to grid software is the need to distribute the software supporting as many architectures and devices as possible. Without pre-compiling possibly hundreds of variations, facilitating broad architecture support in grid software generally requires it be distributed as source based packages. Distributing source based packages, however, greatly increases the difficulty of software installation and maintenance. By initially designing ReST to handle grid or source based software, it became quite clear as toolkit development progressed that ReST had become much more then just a toolkit for grid software. ReST had become a robust way of supporting any software, not just grid software, across large heterogeneous collections of machines. ReST proposes a suite of tools as a single solution to the problem of software administration across a heterogeneous environment. Consisting of three primary components: Remote Software Installer (ReST Installer), Remote Software Explorer (ReST Explorer), and Remote Software Monitor (ReST Monitor), ReST provides a familiar graphical interface to basic tasks such as software installation, administration, and monitoring.

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