Numerical metadata library released

The SALSA project is proud to announce the release of the NMD Numerical MetaData library. The NMD library offers a way of storing higher level information about numerical objects. The storage format is defined by an API, an XML format, and conversion tools.

The SALSA project is building an intelligent system that chooses between numerical algorithms based on characteristics of the input. The NMD library is the first of a series of software releases that will make up the full SALSA system. This library is intended to provide a high-level way of communicating numerical metadata between the analysis modules of the SALSA system and the numerical algorithms. The XML component of the NMD library can serve to store this meta-information in more permanent form.

The NMD library is the first of its kind, formalizing the transfer of numerical knowledge between software components. Using this library, future integration of numerical software components in large-scale composite scientific applications is considerably facilitated.

Links: SALSA home page; software downloads; publications including NMD reference.

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