Ichitaro Yamazaki


Dense Linear Algebra
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    ▷ Extension to orthogonalize a larger number of columns: Mixed-precision block Gram Schmidt orthogonalization. ScalA'15 (link).
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    ▷ Implementation and performance studies in: Implementing a blocked Aasen's algorithm with a dynamic scheduler on multicore architecture. IPDPS 2013 (Best paper): 895-907 (link)
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Sparse Linear Algebra
  1. I. Yamazaki, S. Rajamanickam, E. Boman, M. Hoemmen, M. Heroux, and S. Tomov: Domain decomposition preconditioners for communication-avoiding Krylov methods on a hybrid CPU/GPU cluster. SC 2014: 933-944 (link).
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Randomized Linear Algebra
  1. I. Yamazaki, J. Kurzak, P. Luszczek, and J. Dongarra: Randomized algorithms to update partial singular value decomposition on a hybrid CPU/GPU cluster. SC 2015: 59:1-59:12 (link).
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    ▷ Initial results in: Segmenting point sets. SMI 2006: 6-15 (preprint, link).

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