Using CMASK with PAPI native events

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Using CMASK with PAPI native events

Postby wbinventor » Tue Jul 03, 2012 4:32 pm

I am trying characterize the memory accesses for the kernels for my code. Two important PAPI native events for me to record are PAPI_NATIVE_OFFCORE_REQUESTS with :DEMAND_RFO and :DEMAND_READ_DATA options. In particular, I would like to set the CMASK to n=1,2,3...n for each of these counters to create a histogram of the number of cycles with outstanding requests to DRAM.

I am using a profiling tool called TAU which allows me to set an environment variable called TAU_METRICS with a number of PAPI events which I wish to measure during a run. I have found that I can set the CMASK for a particular PAPI event by appending ":c=n" where n=1,2,3, etc to the end of the event name. An example of what I have been trying is below for c=2:


The code will run when I set the metrics in this way, but unfortunately it does not count any events except when the CMASK is c=1. For all other values, the counter is zero.

If you have any advice on how I might fix this, I would certainly appreciate it!
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