CLAPACK - ZHEEV compilation issue with stdlib.h

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CLAPACK - ZHEEV compilation issue with stdlib.h

Postby hmxmghl » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:21 am

Hello Members,

Its been few weeks since I have been trying to perform eigenvalue decomposition of a complex Hermitian matrix in C language and I have used numerous libraries/methods for this purpose. I must say, they all failed to give me the results I needed.

I knew about CLAPACK but never tried it because I didn't really had any experience with static library linking with C program. But when I found out that my only option is CLAPACK, I took a step in linking this library with C program. It took me few days but got it working (it took me few days because I did not have firm grip on Linux command line).

Now the linking is successfully done but the issue is using the ZHEEV routine to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of complex hermitian matrix. I found example program here:

But it is not compiling because of the issue I described in this question on StackOverflow (I tried to mention each and every detail of the issue):

It will be really helpful if anyone can give me any hint how can I resolve this issue. My whole project depends upon EVD and I cannot continue my project without performing EVD on my matrix.

Any help will be much appreciated. Bundle of thanks in advance.

Hamza R.
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