CLAPACK dsyev error

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CLAPACK dsyev error

Postby BennyS » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:03 am

I am currently trying to setup a code that is provided by the University of Massachusetts. There is only a little amount of documentation which makes it hard for me to compile it. I am not a programmer but I have some experience using more easy languages as e.g. Python/C#. The compilation in these languages is either easy or not required. Also all the category header files and all the other things are new to me, meaning an enormous lack of understanding from my side.

The code now is written mainly in C++ using also libraries as CLAPACK and trimesh2. I got both libraries compiled on my dual boot ubuntu, but the main code is written for Windows so I am going to stick to windows.
What I did then was downloading prebuilt libraries (CLAPACK) so I don't have problems with compiling clapack for windows.

The problem now is:
One of the .cpp files to be compiled contains a function named dsyev_. This function is defined in the header file clapack.h and as far as I can guess, this clapack.h references the libclapack.lib.
I tried multiple commands for compiling the test.cpp code as for example:
g++ -LD:\CLAPACK test.cpp -lblas -llapack -lclapack

The header file clapack.h is the in same folder as the test.cpp.

I realized that there is no #include "clapack.h" in the test.cpp, so I added it. However, this does not change anything, maybe because the clapack.h is included also in another .h file in the directory.

Now I'm done, don't know where to continue.

Maybe someone could help me here, would be very grateful!
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