scalapack intstaller

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scalapack intstaller

Postby vondele » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:37 am


even if the setup script is called with --notesting the installer tries to execute a mpirun command. I think this is not necessary, and makes it difficult to use the installer on systems where mpirun goes via a batch system only (e.g. compute nodes vs. compile nodes).

What about making the run commands near line 422 and 507 of conditional on --notesting ?

Also, on some systems (for example Cray XE6), mpiincdir is not obvious to the user, and it is not close to where the mpif90 command (ftn) is located (so not found by the script). In principle, mpiincdir should not be needed, as mpif90 should take care of this transparantly ?

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