SCALAPACK installation error on "BLACS/SRC"

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SCALAPACK installation error on "BLACS/SRC"

Postby hanamilani » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:12 am


I have tried to install scalapack on my system with fedora 12.1.
I have enclosed the "" with the modifications I have done on that.

But when I want to "make" scalapack, there appears errors as follows:

[root@Sarah scalapack-2.0.2]# make
( cd BLACS; make lib )
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/sara/CODES/scalapack-2.0.2/BLACS'
( cd SRC ; make )
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/sara/CODES/scalapack-2.0.2/BLACS/SRC'
ar cr ../../ BI_HypBS.o BI_HypBR.o BI_IdringBS.o BI_IdringBR.o BI_MpathBS.o BI_MpathBR.o BI_SringBS.o BI_SringBR.o BI_TreeBS.o BI_TreeBR.o BI_Ssend.o BI_Rsend.o BI_Srecv.o BI_Asend.o BI_Arecv.o BI_TreeComb.o BI_BeComb.o BI_MringComb.o BI_ArgCheck.o BI_TransDist.o BI_GetBuff.o BI_UpdateBuffs.o BI_EmergencyBuff.o BI_BlacsErr.o BI_BlacsWarn.o BI_BlacsAbort.o BI_BuffIsFree.o BI_imvcopy.o BI_smvcopy.o BI_dmvcopy.o BI_ivmcopy.o BI_svmcopy.o BI_dvmcopy.o BI_Pack.o BI_Unpack.o BI_GetMpiGeType.o BI_GetMpiTrType.o BI_ivvsum.o BI_svvsum.o BI_dvvsum.o BI_cvvsum.o BI_zvvsum.o BI_ivvamx.o BI_svvamx.o BI_dvvamx.o BI_cvvamx.o BI_zvvamx.o BI_ivvamx2.o BI_svvamx2.o BI_dvvamx2.o BI_cvvamx2.o BI_zvvamx2.o BI_ivvamn.o BI_svvamn.o BI_dvvamn.o BI_cvvamn.o BI_zvvamn.o BI_ivvamn2.o BI_svvamn2.o BI_dvvamn2.o BI_cvvamn2.o BI_zvvamn2.o BI_iMPI_amx.o BI_sMPI_amx.o BI_dMPI_amx.o BI_cMPI_amx.o BI_zMPI_amx.o BI_iMPI_amx2.o BI_sMPI_amx2.o BI_dMPI_amx2.o BI_cMPI_amx2.o BI_zMPI_amx2.o BI_iMPI_amn.o BI_sMPI_amn.o BI_dMPI_amn.o BI_cMPI_amn.o BI_zMPI_amn.o BI_iMPI_amn2.o BI_sMPI_amn2.o BI_dMPI_amn2.o BI_cMPI_amn2.o BI_zMPI_amn2.o BI_cMPI_sum.o BI_zMPI_sum.o BI_ContxtNum.o BI_GlobalVars.o BI_TransUserComm.o igesd2d_.o sgesd2d_.o dgesd2d_.o cgesd2d_.o zgesd2d_.o itrsd2d_.o strsd2d_.o dtrsd2d_.o ctrsd2d_.o ztrsd2d_.o igerv2d_.o sgerv2d_.o dgerv2d_.o cgerv2d_.o zgerv2d_.o itrrv2d_.o strrv2d_.o dtrrv2d_.o ctrrv2d_.o ztrrv2d_.o igebs2d_.o sgebs2d_.o dgebs2d_.o cgebs2d_.o zgebs2d_.o igebr2d_.o sgebr2d_.o dgebr2d_.o cgebr2d_.o zgebr2d_.o itrbs2d_.o strbs2d_.o dtrbs2d_.o ctrbs2d_.o ztrbs2d_.o itrbr2d_.o strbr2d_.o dtrbr2d_.o ctrbr2d_.o ztrbr2d_.o igsum2d_.o sgsum2d_.o dgsum2d_.o cgsum2d_.o zgsum2d_.o igamx2d_.o sgamx2d_.o dgamx2d_.o cgamx2d_.o zgamx2d_.o igamn2d_.o sgamn2d_.o dgamn2d_.o cgamn2d_.o zgamn2d_.o blacs_setup_.o blacs_set_.o blacs_get_.o blacs_abort_.o blacs_exit_.o blacs_pnum_.o blacs_pcoord_.o ksendid_.o krecvid_.o kbsid_.o kbrid_.o dcputime00_.o dwalltime00_.o blacs_pinfo_.o blacs_init_.o blacs_map_.o blacs_free_.o blacs_grid_.o blacs_info_.o blacs_barr_.o sys2blacs_.o blacs2sys_.o free_handle_.o igesd2d_.oo sgesd2d_.oo dgesd2d_.oo cgesd2d_.oo zgesd2d_.oo itrsd2d_.oo strsd2d_.oo dtrsd2d_.oo ctrsd2d_.oo ztrsd2d_.oo igerv2d_.oo sgerv2d_.oo dgerv2d_.oo cgerv2d_.oo zgerv2d_.oo itrrv2d_.oo strrv2d_.oo dtrrv2d_.oo ctrrv2d_.oo ztrrv2d_.oo igebs2d_.oo sgebs2d_.oo dgebs2d_.oo cgebs2d_.oo zgebs2d_.oo igebr2d_.oo sgebr2d_.oo dgebr2d_.oo cgebr2d_.oo zgebr2d_.oo itrbs2d_.oo strbs2d_.oo dtrbs2d_.oo ctrbs2d_.oo ztrbs2d_.oo itrbr2d_.oo strbr2d_.oo dtrbr2d_.oo ctrbr2d_.oo ztrbr2d_.oo igsum2d_.oo sgsum2d_.oo dgsum2d_.oo cgsum2d_.oo zgsum2d_.oo igamx2d_.oo sgamx2d_.oo dgamx2d_.oo cgamx2d_.oo zgamx2d_.oo igamn2d_.oo sgamn2d_.oo dgamn2d_.oo cgamn2d_.oo zgamn2d_.oo blacs_setup_.oo blacs_set_.oo blacs_get_.oo blacs_abort_.oo blacs_exit_.oo blacs_pnum_.oo blacs_pcoord_.oo ksendid_.oo krecvid_.oo kbsid_.oo kbrid_.oo dcputime00_.oo dwalltime00_.oo blacs_pinfo_.oo blacs_init_.oo blacs_map_.oo blacs_free_.oo blacs_grid_.oo blacs_info_.oo blacs_barr_.oo sys2blacs_.oo blacs2sys_.oo free_handle_.oo
ar: ../../: Is a directory
make[2]: *** [all] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/sara/CODES/scalapack-2.0.2/BLACS/SRC'
make[1]: *** [lib] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sara/CODES/scalapack-2.0.2/BLACS'
make: *** [blacslib] Error 2

Please let me know what the errors are related to.

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Re: SCALAPACK installation error on "BLACS/SRC"

Postby admin » Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:17 am

I do not see you, but it seems that you did not put any name for the name of the ScaLAPACK library.
Try to add:
SCALAPACKLIB = libscalapack.a
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