2D block-cyclic matrix distribution with BLACS

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2D block-cyclic matrix distribution with BLACS

Postby mabalenk » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:35 am

Dear all,

I would like to distribute a 10x10 matrix initialized and filled in on a master process (0,0) to all 4 processes (0,1|1,0|1,1) on a BLACS grid. Block size is 2x2. Please see a figure below. On the left is the original matrix with colorized blocks, on the right is the expected distribution:

2D block-cyclic matrix distribution
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Below is the minimal BLACS code to distribute the matrix over a 2x2 process grid:

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      double precision, allocatable :: A(:,:), AA(:,:)

      integer :: M = 10, N = 10, MB = 2, NB = 2
      integer :: iCtxt, rpp, cpp
      integer :: rSrc = 0, cSrc = 0, rDst, cDst, iRow, iCol
      integer :: me, np, npRow = 2, npCol = 2
      integer :: descA(9), info, err

      integer :: iDist = 1, iSeed(4) = [2, 3296, 521, 17]
      integer :: ia, ja, ib, jb

      integer,          external :: numroc, prc, blk, crd
      character(len=5), external :: to_str

      ! initialize BLACS
      call blacs_pinfo(me, np)
      call blacs_get(-1, 0, iCtxt)
      call blacs_gridinit(iCtxt, 'Row-major', npRow, npCol)
      call blacs_gridinfo(iCtxt, npRow, npCol, iRow, iCol)

      rpp = numroc(M, MB, iRow, 0, npRow)
      cpp = numroc(N, NB, iCol, 0, npCol)

      allocate(AA(rpp,cpp), stat=err)

      AA = 0.0

      call descinit(descA, M, N, MB, NB, 0, 0, iCtxt, max(1, rpp), info)

      ! @master: allocate, initialize matrix A
      if (me==0) then

        allocate(A(M,N), stat=err)

        ! consequtive numbers
        do ia = 1, M
          do ja = 1, N

            A(ia,ja) = (ia-1)*N+ja

          end do
        end do

      end if

      do ja = 1, N, NB
        do ia = 1, M, MB

          rDst = prc(rSrc,ia,MB,npRow)
          cDst = prc(cSrc,ja,NB,npCol)

          ib = blk(ia,npRow,MB)*MB + crd(ia,MB)
          jb = blk(ja,npCol,NB)*NB + crd(ja,NB)

          ! @master: send matrix block AA
          if (me==0) then

            ! call dgesd2d(iCtxt, MB, NB, A(ia:ia+MB-1,ja:ja+NB-1), rpp, rDst, cDst)
            call dgesd2d(iCtxt, MB, NB, A(ia,ja), rpp, rDst, cDst)

          end if

          ! @destination: receive matrix block AA
          if (rDst==iRow.and.cDst==iCol) then

            ! call dgerv2d(iCtxt, MB, NB, AA(ib:ib+MB-1,jb:jb+NB-1), rpp, rSrc, cSrc)
            call dgerv2d(iCtxt, MB, NB, AA(ib,jb), rpp, rSrc, cSrc)

          end if

        end do
      end do

      ! @test: save received matrix block to file
      open(unit   =  51,                                &
           file   = "AA" // trim(to_str(me)) // ".txt", &
           status = "new",                              &
           action = "write")

      do ia = 1, rpp

        write(51, *) AA(ia,:)

      end do


      if (me==0) deallocate(A, stat=err)
      deallocate(AA, stat=err)

      ! finalize BLACS
      call blacs_gridexit(iCtxt)
      call blacs_exit(0)



      integer FUNCTION prc(rSrc, ia, mb, npRow)

      implicit none

      integer, intent(in) :: rSrc, ia, mb, npRow

      prc = mod(rSrc+floor(real(ia-1)/mb),npRow)

      END FUNCTION prc


      integer FUNCTION blk(ia, npRow, mb)

      implicit none

      integer, intent(in) :: ia, npRow, mb

      blk = floor(real(ia-1)/(npRow*mb))

      END FUNCTION blk


      integer FUNCTION crd(ia, mb)

      implicit none

      integer, intent(in) :: ia, mb

      crd = mod(ia-1,mb)+1

      END FUNCTION crd


!>    Converts given number into string.
!!    @param[in] n given number, type integer

      CHARACTER(len=5) FUNCTION to_str(n)

!     Input argument declaration
      integer, intent(in) :: n

      write(to_str, "(I5)") n
      to_str = trim(adjustl(to_str))

      END FUNCTION to_str

The code compiles with MPICH v3.2 and GNU Fortran 5.3.0 and executes successfully with "mpiexec -np 4 ./dist_mtrx_mini". However, the output files "AA?.txt", where each process stores its block AA of matrix A do not contain the data in the expected order. The first columns of each block are transferred as expected, while the second columns are scrambled.

I have tried to state explicitly what A elements do I need to transfer and to receive in each BLACS send/receive routine (Please see the lines commented out). However, this results in a segmentation fault. I have also tried to pack each block into a dedicated temporary array, then send it, receive at destination, unpack and place into a correct location. Even in this case the second column of a block on the receiver side contains zeros.

I have seen examples on the internet where people use MPI statements for matrix distribution, but I would still like to get it working with BLACS.
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