Using LAPACK for machine learning

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Using LAPACK for machine learning

Postby HalleyDegross » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:30 am

I am trying to implement a biased Neural Network to achieve my client requirements. I will be implementing Generalization, Optimization, Regularization and Validation. In order to achieve all those points, quick results from Linear Algebra is most important task for me.

Right now, I am using Python (and I will be getting results from FORTRAN using LAPACK). These quick results will be feed into python in the form of a text database. On searching internet, I found about LAPACK but having few problems with importing. I am able to connect python with FORTRAN but can't use the LAPACK library. When, I try to import the library. It is saying, unknown file LAPACK(means it is not imported properly). This means, either I am not importing correctly or there is a compatibility issue of the library with my machine.

What I have to do:
I am a PhD student at university of Towson. And doing my dissertation in machine learning algorithms for CRM solutions. I am assigned this job with a military NGO that helps veterans to find work and helps the active personnel to find home, schools,stores and health facility, whenever they are posted to a new base inside US or Europe. In the start, my work is to do all of the NGO tasks using machine learning by seeing the visitors to the mildotgov website. And in, I am only doing Fort Detrick army base in Frederick Maryland(( ... derick-md/). I have got permission from Colonel Jim Aries(Operational Commander at FD army base).

Please advice a solution and also, provide help with library so that I would be able to use most of the features without worrying about linear algebra computations.

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