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by berktaftali
Thu Mar 05, 2020 2:08 pm
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Topic: Building MAGMA on Windows
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Building MAGMA on Windows

Hi! I am trying to build MAGMA for Windows with the following development environment: - Windows 10 - Magma 2.5.2 - CUDA 10.2 - Intel Fortran & MKL 2019 (Parallel Studio XE 2019.5.281) - Visual Studio 2017 (15.9.20) - CMake 3.16.4 I've been using prebuilt libraries for Pytorch so far, but they lack ...
by berktaftali
Wed Feb 26, 2020 5:11 am
Forum: User discussion
Topic: Solving large sparse indefinite systems
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Solving large sparse indefinite systems

Hi! I’ve been testing GPU accelerated iterative solvers in Magma (2.5.1), but ran into a problem. A couple large sparse indefinite systems I picked from SuiteSparse matrix collection failed to converge to a solution (using unit RHS) no matter what solver & preconditioner I used. I had no issues solv...