MAGMA GEMM Sources for Fermi Released

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Re: MAGMA GEMM Sources for Fermi Released

Post by anikam » Thu Apr 26, 2018 1:27 pm

Hello Mark,

I completely understand that Cublas Gemm is much optimized than MagmaBlas gemm.
I am working on a problem which requires me to use GPGPU simulator.
I have a CUBLAS Gemm in my application, as the Cublas GEMM is not opensource, GPGPU simulator cannot extract the PTX from it.
The next best optimized library after Cublas Gemm is the MagmaBlas Gemm.
Unfortunately as the size of matrices are in the range of
M is 32
K is 27
N is 369664
I cannot use the textured and more optimized version of MagmaBlas Gemm.
So, I am planning to comment out the #define texture1_D line and make it again.

I just want to confirm it with you that even for large sizes the magma gemm (global memory version will work correctly).
Thanks a lot for all the help Mark.

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Re: MAGMA GEMM Sources for Fermi Released

Post by mgates3 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:47 pm

Those sizes should be okay with textures.
Matrix A is 32 x 27 = 864 entries.
Matrix B is 27 x 369,664 = 9,980,928 entries.
Max. texture size is 2^27 = 134,217,728 entries.

The size of matrix C doesn't matter, but even that, 32 x 369,664 = 11,829,248 entries, would be fine.


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