PAPI References

Reference material for traditional single-substrate PAPI.

Programmer's Reference

This is a technical reference (man pages) for PAPI programmers, providing detailed information on each call in the PAPI library, including calling sequences and examples.


User's Guide

This is a general overview of the PAPI library, with an introduction to the major feature areas, and comprehensive examples on usage.


PAPI-C References

Reference material for Component PAPI

Introduction to PAPI-C

This html page provides a brief introduction to the concepts behind PAPI-C and the modifications to the API to support multiple simultaneous counting components.

PAPI-C Programmer's Reference

PAPI-C version 3.9.0 is a technical pre-release of the new Component PAPI architecture. This technical reference provides information on the calls in the PAPI-C library. [HTML]

PAPI Reference Wiki
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