PLASMA 2.4.6 Release

PLASMA 2.4.6 has been released and contains new algorithms to compute eigenvectors in symmetric/hermitian cases as well as in generalized problems.


This package contains the following updates:

  • Add eigenvectors support in eigensolvers for symmetric/hermitian problems and generalized problems.

  • Add support of Frobenius norm.

  • Release the precision generation script used to generate the precision s, d and c from z, as well as ds from zc

  • Add all Fortran90 for mixed precision routines.

  • Add all Fortran90 wrappers to tile interface and asynchronous interface. Thanks to NAG for providing those wrappers.

  • Add 4 examples with Fortran90 interface provided by NAG.

  • Add support for all computational functions in F77 wrappers.

  • Fix memory leaks related to fake dependencies in dynamically scheduled algorithms.

  • Fix interface issues in eigensolvers routines.

  • Fixed returned info in PLASMA_zgetrf function

  • Fixed bug with matrices of size 0.

  • WARNING: all lapack interfaces having a T or L argument for QR or LU factorization have been changed to take a descriptor. The workspace allocation has been changed to match those requirements and all functions PLASMA_Alloc_Workspace_XXXXX_Tile are now deprecated and users are encouraged to move to the PLASMA_Alloc_Workspace_XXXXX version.

All files are available for download in the Software section of the PLASMA site.

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